Did you use to love to climb and fool around when you were younger, but have you grown too old for the playground?

No worries, Tartaros will help you out: come over for a workshop survivalrun!
Anyone can join this sportive activity, you can come with your friends, family, roommates, colleagues or do-group. A workshop survivalrun consists of two parts: First we’ll do a warming-up where we’ll go for a run and do several (strength)exercises, followed by climbing on the survival track. Our enthusiastic trainers will help you learn various survivalrun techniques such as the footlock for a vertical rope climb and the monkey climb for traversing horizontal ropes.

A workshop survivalrun usually takes 1,5 hours, but of course, a shorter or longer workshop is possible as well. Costs of a workshop are dependent on the amount of trainers present and the time the workshop takes in hours. The amount of trainers necessary correlates with the size of the group, and can be found in the table below.

Cost calculations are made as follows:
Total cost of the workshop = track cost + cost of the trainers
Track cost = time in hours * €50,-
Cost of the trainers = amount of trainers * time in hours * €20,-

Groupsize Amount of trainers
1 till 15 2
16 till 25 3
26 till 35 4
etc. etc.

For example, for a workshop for 22 external people of 1,5 hours:
Amount of trainers = 3
Track cost = 1,5 * €50 = €75
Cost of the trainers = 3 * 1,5 * €20 = €90
Total cost of the workshop = €75 + €90 = €165

We give the following advice regarding clothes:
Trousers:                  It is wise to wear long (sport)trousers, such as sweatpants. Long legs are the most comfortable during climbing (without scratching your legs). A running tight is best.
Shirt:                    A normal sportshirt (that is allowed to get dirty) will suffice. If it is cold optionally a thermal shirt would be nice.
Shoes:           Sports shoes for outside, such as running shoes.

Have you become enthusiastic? Request a workshop by sending an email to



In your e-mail the following information would be necessary: Size of the group, desired time in hours, date and time, age and other important group information. We will get in touch as soon as possible.