In September there will be special introductory training sessions, where the basics techniques of survivalrun will be taught and demonstrated. Ideal to experience whether the sport and association suit you. However, you are also welcome to join any training (later in the year) on a Monday or Thursday. You can participate in a training 3 times without any obligation.

The recommended clothing for survival run is running tights together with trail shoes and a t-shirt that can get dirty. You can optionally put on a thermal shirt under your t-shirt if it is cold. For the first training sessions, sweatpants, long socks and running shoes are sufficient.

We always gather on the track. We hope to see you at our training sessions!

If you have any questions about training or in general, you can always contact the board.


The training schedule shown below will be used throughout the coming year, except during the academic holidays.

Monday18:00-19:30Tjerk SusanEntry level
 18:00-19:30*Student trainerExperienced athletes
Wednesday19:30-21:00*Student trainerEntry level
 19:30-21:30*Student trainerExperienced athletes
Thursday19:30-21:00Tjerk SusanEntry level & Experienced athletes (Combined)
*You can only participate in one of the trainings by our student trainers if you have signed a liability form. Ask Tjerk about this at one of the trainings.

Training Location

Our training location is visible on the map shown below. The only entrance is outside, shown by the red arrow.

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