Down below a description of all the current committees is given.

Track committee

in order to train optimally a good track is very important. With the committee we strive towards getting an amazing (new) track, while keeping in mind all other involved parties, varying from the sports centre and university via the survivalrun union till the municipality. A varied committee where bureaucracy, money and networking is involved. In the end the committee has given the possibility to use your own creativity to realise our own self designed amazing survivalrun course.


As a member of the Batacommittee you organise everything regarding the Tartarosteam of the Batavierenrace. You enroll the team, organise transport, training, BBQ and you take care of a fun night/day. The committee costs almost no time. You have some meetings and if you want to arrange the training it costs a little more time. You are the busiest during the Batavierenrace, when you are busy from Friday afternoon to Saturday midnight. There is a planning with tips what makes organising this committee very easy.

Dodekathlossie – Clubchampionships committee

In 2014 the first edition of the Tartaros club championships was successfully held. Every year new obstacles can be thought of, new themes, at different levels. Can you think of a route that is a real challenge for everybody? Sign up for the club championships committee!


The IntroducCie makes sure Tartaros gets known amongs the new batch of students! Several times we stood at hte information marked of the Kick-In. Also disco apenkooien has often been organised together with the gymnastics association Linea Recta, which was each year a great success. We help during the Storming of the Bastille with multiple obstacles, organise workshops at the master Kick-In and hand out enough flyers. This year we also want to include the HOI-week extra in the promotion, such that also all the Saxion-student get an equal chance of getting to know our amazing association. Do you like giving the new kiddo’s a more awesome introduction? Join the Introduccie committee!

Nieuwscie – News committee

The Nieuwscie publishes the Phlegethon and keeps track of the social media. The Phlegeton is the river flowing deepest into the Tartaros and has therefore been chosen as the newsletter of the association. It is brought out a couple of times a year to the members of Tartaros. It contains the last ins and outs of the association, competitionreports, theme of the month and a lot more. As part of the social media the large/ important activities of Tartaros are published on the facebookpage and our website.

PicCie – Foto committee

The PicCie captures the Tartarosactivities. Everybody with a (good) camera is welcome to make sure everybody can visualise better what amazing/fun activities they have done or missed.

Tartaros Campus Challenge committee

This committee is responsible for organising the open competition on the campus. The route, the obstacles and all other stuff necessary for realising our own survivalrun is arranged by the committee. In 2015 we organised for the first time a 6km run, called the Campus Obstacle Run. It was very successful for a first time and we are proud of the 100 participants we already reached. Since 2017 the name has changed to “Tartaros Campus Challenge” and we have become a real survivalrun. The competition is growing and we hope to keep that growth up the coming years. See you at the Tartaros Campus Challenge, because who would not want to join?!?

TRADICie – Activiteiten committee

The TRADICie (Tartaros’ weiRd Activities en Decent engIneers Committee) organises the convivial activities of the association. Examples are: BBQ, gamenights, wallclimbing and before the weekendcommittee was there the Tartarosweekend. Do you feel like organising these (or other) activities? All inspiration is welcome, whether you want to organise poledancing or archery tag, its all possible. Besides organising being convivial, is is also educational: you learn the basics of organising activities, including the planning, but also being able to fix last minute problems in a short time. Cooperation, discussion and preparation are important. In short: a fun committee that doesn’t cost a lot of time allowing you to organise amazing activities for all members and yourself!


In 2014-2015 the trainerspoule was founded. At this moment every Monday and Thursday two members are present that open the track and propose a training, for both recreational level and competition level. Per month a different theme is chosen (endurance, core stability, arm strength, etc.) and within this theme the member can decide what he/she puts the emphasis on during that training. The schedule of the trainerspoule is made beforehand after consultation with the committeemembers about the frequency and level. Since the schedule is know long enough beforehand, everybody (that wants) can make a schematic for that training as hard or simple as wanted.

TraIntroCie – Trainings-Introweekend committee

The TraIntroCie organizes the training-/introweekend of Tartaros, which will be held for the first time in the autumn of 2018. During this weekend, survivalrun has a central place, causing it to be a trainingweekend for current members and new members will become fully acquainted with the sport. This all happens preferably in unknown territory, such that one also can see how it goes somewhere else. Next to that, everyone will become familiar with Tartaros as association, since also other (sportive) activities will be organized. Do you feel like arranging this and thus having a say about this weekend? Then join the committee!


Since 2015 the WebCie has formed a committee. It makes sure that the boardmembers are not the only ones responsible for the maintenance of the website. Keeping the site up-to-date is helped with the information provided by the board and other committees, such that the WebCie can also focus on renewing and extending the website. Besides the website they also manage the Tartaros domain.

WeekendCie – Weekendcommmittee

In 2013 the first Tartarosweekend took place nearby Arnhem. Since that moment we have been to this weekend every year. Mostly towards Germany. We did several activities such as mountainbiken, visiting caves and camping on the parkinglot, because the camping was already closed. The weekend is for many one of the highlights of Tartaros activities.

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