Welcome to the page about the D.S.S.V. Tartaros board.

Chairman: Marco Chambon
Hello there, I’m Marco and this year I am chairman of D.S.S.V. Tartaros. I will tell you something about myself.
Currently, I’m 21 years old and I’m in my second year of CreaTe at the UT. For about 6 years, I’ve been survivalrunning in Udenhout, where I still go every weekend. Apart from survivalrun, I also love swimming and a bunch of other sports.
Needless to say, I love sporting, so I decided that I wanted to do something in return. For this reason, I became chairman of Tartaros. I’m very excited about it and I look forward to make the best out of it.

Secretary: Timo Bijen
Hey, I’m Timo Bijen and I’m the secretary of Tartaros.
I come from Hengelo and survivalrun in Oldenzaal, since the age of 8. So I’ve been survivalrunning for quite some time and when I started studying mechanical engineering in 2019 I knew I had to become a member of Tartaros.
During the Kick-In, I was part of the Van ‘t Padje do-group, so I could already get to know the association. I am currently also working as a trainer and instructor at OCP. I also love to go mountain biking.

Treasurer: Martijn van Elderen
Hiya, I am Martijn van Elderen and am the current treasurer coming year for Tartaros. I am a third-year electrical engineering student.
Survival run is not the first sport I have practiced in my life. Before joining Tartaros I have played football (the kind which is played with the foot) for approximately 12 years, and I have been a member of the Motorsport Group for 1 year. Currently I am also cycling and playing basketball with friends outside of survival run.
Survival run for me is a challenging combination of strength, condition, and technique. Because of this you will often find me once a week one the track. Furthermore, I enjoy that obstacles can be overcome in more than one way. Tartaros is not only about sporting, but also about sociability.

Commissioner of internal affairs: Jarne Sikkens
Heyhey, I’m Jarne Sikkens and for this year I will be the Commissioner of internal affairs.
Heyhey, I’m Jarne Sikkens and for this year I am the commissioner of internal relations.
I am 21 years old, doing my fourth year in mechanical engineering and part of Tartaros for 3 years now.
Before I went to university I always played football but I wanted to try something new and accidentally discovered survivalrun. I did an intro training and was immediately sold, this was the sport for me. The running, the obstacles and the use of strength and technique to overcome those obstacles immediately appealed to me.
In addition, the social aspect is also very important to me, drinking a beer in the sports canteen after training, the activities and of course the fire pit evenings. My hobbies besides survivalrun are football, everything that drives and surfing.

“Stronger Through Dirt”

12th Board (2020-2021)

(fltr: Tom, Frank, Douwe, Nienke)

Name Function
Frank Strating Chairman
Tom Janssen Secretary
Douwe Klokman Treasurer
Nienke Zandee Commissioner of internal affairs

11th Board (2019-2020)

(fltr: Sanne, Arwin, Casper, Camiel, Maartje)

Name Function
Sanne van Norel Chairman
Casper Kroon Secretary
Maartje Aalders Treasurer
Camiel Posthuma Commissioner of Track and Materials
Arwin Sleutjes Commissioner of internal affairs

10th Board (2018-2019)

(fltr: Irene, Wessel, Gelieke, Thijs, Thomas)

Name Function
Gelieke Steeghs Chairman
Thijs Havinga Secretary
Wessel Klumperman Treasurer
Thomas Dommerholt Commissioner of Track and Materials
Irene Kuin Commissioner of internal affairs

9th Board (2017-2018)

(fltr: Corinne, Elwin, Martijn, Arjen, Thiemo)

Name Function
Martijn Eppink Chairman
Elwin Vree Secretary
Arjen Welleweerd Treasurer
Thiemo de Groof Commissioner of Track and Materials
Corinne van den Brink Commissioner of internal affairs

8th Board (2016-2017)

(fltr: Anouck, Anna, Kas, Marije)

Name Function
Kas Attevelt Chairman
Anna Kaal Secretary
Marije Siemann Treasurer
Anouck Wisselink Commissioner of internal affairs

7th Board (2015-2016)

(fltr: Cisko, Bas, Arnaud, Eelkje, Jelle)

Name Function
Arnaud Loman Chairman (from 07/05/2015 until 24/10/2015)
Bas Keet Secretary
Eelkje Kooistra Treasurer
Cisko Loos Commissioner of Track and Materials
Jelle Buitenhuis Commissioner of internal affairs (until 24/10/2015)
Jelle Buitenhuis Chairman (starting from 24/10/2015)

6th Board (2014-2015)

IMAG1024 edited
(fltr: Diederik, Reinier, Manouk, Riemke)

Name Function
Riemke Drent Chairman
Reinier Nielen Secretary
Manouk ter Steege Treasurer
Diederik van der Valk Commissioner of Track and Materials

5th Board (2013-2014)

Name Function
Jasper van der Heijdt Chairman
Marjon Baas Secretary
Manouk ter Steege Treasurer

4th Board (2012-2013)

Name Function
Jeroen van Beek Chairman
Marjon Baas Secretary
Jasper van der Heijdt Treasurer
Sebastian Schiller Commissioner of Track and Materials

3rd Board (2011-2012)

3e bestuur

Name Function
Jelle Dijkstra Chairman
Karel Drenth Secretary
Matthijs Tijink Treasurer
Jan Greuter Commissioner of Track and Materials

2nd Board (2010-2011)

Name Function
Ralph Voortman Chairman
Kjell Meershoek Secretary starting from February
Michiel Raaijmakers Secretary until February
Jeldrik Bakker Treasurer
Wouter Beeks Baan- en materiaalcommissaris

1st Board (2009-2010)

Name Function
Berend Bekker Chairman
Michiel Raaijmakers Secretary
Jeldrik Bakker Treasurer