Welcome to the page about the D.S.S.V. Tartaros board.

(fltr: Tom, Frank, Douwe, Nienke)

Chairman: Frank Strating

Hello there, Frank here! One of the first do-group kiddo’s that Van’t Padje has delivered to Tartaros. I have been studying Mechanical Engineering ever since then.
Before joining Tartaros I played tennis for 12 years at multiple associations within Enschede. I am currently also a member of Ludica. Besides loving many different types of sports and doing my study I am generally busy with one of my hobbies. These are comprised of things like: sports in general, playing games, listening to music and playing piano.
I also enjoy socializing a lot, meaning that you will definitely see me at many activities and trainings this year. Because of this I have also been part of the TRADICie committee for the past year.
Even though this board year may have started a bit weird, let’s make the best of it!
See you later people,

Secretary: Tom Janssen

Hello, my name is Tom Janssen and I’m the secretary of Tartaros. At the moment of writing this I’m a first-year applied physics student. I’m from Andelst, a small village in Gelderland. I’ve always enjoyed different sports, survivalrun being the most fun. It’s just like playing outside. Before going to the university, I liked to run competitively. Now, I like to challenge myself a bit with long distances and more difficult, unexpected obstacles.
Back in Andelst, I’m in a waterpolo beer-team.
As a side job at a family business, I’m an arborist. I can really enjoy the climbing, because it is necessary to focus on something else than studying. It also combines well with survivalrun.

Treasurer: Douwe Klokman

Hey, I am Douwe Klokman and I will be the treasurer coming year. Currently I am studying for my master Electrotechnical engineering, after I finished my bachelor in Groningen at the Hanze hogeschool.
In 2011, I started survival running, and I ran several survival runs mostly in the northern part of our country. Because of these recreative runs, I also felt curious to do contest runs, so I obtained a contest license. Since three years, I am a member of Tartaros. In the first year predominantly for training, and in the course of the last year, I was more engaged in organizing activities within the club.

Commissioner of internal affairs: Nienke Zandee

Eyey, I am Nienke Zandee and I am the commissioner of Internal Affairs. I also do the membership administrations. I am currently a first years mechanical engineering student, and I am really enjoying the programme. In September I became a member of Tartaros. Before I started my study I had hardly heard of survivalrun, but when I read about it on the website, saw the obstacles during the Kick-In and when I got sort-of adopted by the ‘Van ‘t Padje’-dogroup during the Kick-In, I was quite sure that becoming a Tartaros-member would be a great choice for me. The combination of power and endurance makes the sport challenging and therefore a good fit for me. Besides, the association has loads of nice activities which made me feel at home quickly. Next to Tartaros I am also an active member of study-association Newton. Furthermore, I really enjoy doing some running, cycling, hiking and ice skating in my weekends and holidays. I also really like to cook and bake in my spare time.

“Improvise, Adapt, Overcome”

11th Board (2019-2020)

(fltr: Sanne, Arwin, Casper, Camiel, Maartje)

Name Function
Sanne van Norel Chairman
Casper Kroon Secretary
Maartje Aalders Treasurer
Camiel Posthuma Commissioner of Track and Materials
Arwin Sleutjes Commissioner of internal affairs

10th Board (2018-2019)

(fltr: Irene, Wessel, Gelieke, Thijs, Thomas)

Name Function
Gelieke Steeghs Chairman
Thijs Havinga Secretary
Wessel Klumperman Treasurer
Thomas Dommerholt Commissioner of Track and Materials
Irene Kuin Commissioner of internal affairs

9th Board (2017-2018)

(fltr: Corinne, Elwin, Martijn, Arjen, Thiemo)

Name Function
Martijn Eppink Chairman
Elwin Vree Secretary
Arjen Welleweerd Treasurer
Thiemo de Groof Commissioner of Track and Materials
Corinne van den Brink Commissioner of internal affairs

8th Board (2016-2017)

(fltr: Anouck, Anna, Kas, Marije)

Name Function
Kas Attevelt Chairman
Anna Kaal Secretary
Marije Siemann Treasurer
Anouck Wisselink Commissioner of internal affairs

7th Board (2015-2016)

(fltr: Cisko, Bas, Arnaud, Eelkje, Jelle)

Name Function
Arnaud Loman Chairman (from 07/05/2015 until 24/10/2015)
Bas Keet Secretary
Eelkje Kooistra Treasurer
Cisko Loos Commissioner of Track and Materials
Jelle Buitenhuis Commissioner of internal affairs (until 24/10/2015)
Jelle Buitenhuis Chairman (starting from 24/10/2015)

6th Board (2014-2015)

IMAG1024 edited
(fltr: Diederik, Reinier, Manouk, Riemke)

Name Function
Riemke Drent Chairman
Reinier Nielen Secretary
Manouk ter Steege Treasurer
Diederik van der Valk Commissioner of Track and Materials

5th Board (2013-2014)

Name Function
Jasper van der Heijdt Chairman
Marjon Baas Secretary
Manouk ter Steege Treasurer

4th Board (2012-2013)

Name Function
Jeroen van Beek Chairman
Marjon Baas Secretary
Jasper van der Heijdt Treasurer
Sebastian Schiller Commissioner of Track and Materials

3rd Board (2011-2012)

3e bestuur

Name Function
Jelle Dijkstra Chairman
Karel Drenth Secretary
Matthijs Tijink Treasurer
Jan Greuter Commissioner of Track and Materials

2nd Board (2010-2011)

Name Function
Ralph Voortman Chairman
Kjell Meershoek Secretary starting from February
Michiel Raaijmakers Secretary until February
Jeldrik Bakker Treasurer
Wouter Beeks Baan- en materiaalcommissaris

1st Board (2009-2010)

Name Function
Berend Bekker Chairman
Michiel Raaijmakers Secretary
Jeldrik Bakker Treasurer