The former (14th) board

“Pak ‘m an!”

Board members


Jelle Steenstra

My name is Jelle Steenstra and I am the Chairman of the 14th Board of D.S.S.V. Tartaros.
I’m 19 years old and next year the plan is to run MSR runs because I would like to have a new challenge after being stuck in the youth categories.
I’ve done survivalrunning for almost 11 years right now and this is my second year here at Tartaros, which I really like and find very fun.
So I wish you all the best at Tartaros to make it a fun and eventful year.


Chris Admiraal

Hey everyone, my name is Chris Admiraal, the current secretary of Tartaros. I am 23 years old, almost completing my Bachelor of Computer Science. Two years ago, I encountered this sport for the first time at an intro-training. I immediately liked all the different aspects of it, even though I was bad at it. But the great atmosphere convinced me to join the association. From time to time, I also like to dust off my mountain bike to go for a ride. Besides my board tasks I am also (part of): maintaining the website; organising the introduction weekend, promoting Tartaros at the Kick-In and I am the bar commissioner.


Gerber Loman

Hi, my name is Gerber and I am the new treasurer of Tartaros. I am 25 years old and just finished my master in Biomedical Engineering, now continuing with the educational master to become a first degree mathematics teacher. I do not yet know everything there is about survivalrun, therefore this board year is the perfect opportunity for me to completely familiarize myself. I used to mainly do athletics (track and field, distance running), where I gained a lot of organisational skills in different coordinating functions and committees. I enjoy spending my free time outdoors, running or on the bike, if possible in the woods or even in the mountains, which are my second home. I hope to enjoy this year, learn a lot about the association and survival in general, and start some nice initiatives for the association.

Commissioner of internal affairs

Hugo Blokland

Hey there, I’m Hugo! Almost always you can find me on Monday and Thursday at survival-run training. Besides this sport, which I’ve been doing for barely a year, I’m also into athletics. That I’ve been doing since I was very little. If you’re wondering, my favourite athletics event is javelin throwing. Other than these two sports I also like to go mountain biking. Singletracks are my favourite :D. As far as study goes, I’m a third year computer science student at the moment.

Commissioner of Track and Materials

Jochem Pot

I am Jochem, the commissaries track and material of the 14e board of D.S.S.V. Tartaros. I follow the study mechanical engineering at Saxion and currently in the last year, I also have a side job in this field. With ten years of survival run experience I think I have the perfect base for this board task. In my free time I’ll do survival runs, this year I’m focussing on the MSR rankings, besides that I also do normal running, mountain biking and I’m organising the Tartaros Campus challenge of 2022.

Former boards

13th board (2021-2022)

“Stronger Through Dirt”
Timo BijenSecretary
Marco ChambonChairman
Martijn van ElderenTreasurer
Jarne SikkensCommissioner of internal affairs

12th board (2020-2021)

“Improvise. Adapt. Overcome!”
Tom JanssenSecretary
Frank StratingChairman
Douwe KlokmanTreasurer
Nienke ZandeeCommissioner of internal affairs

11th board (2019-2020)

“Let the storm rage on!”
Sanne van NorelChairman
Arwin SleutjesCommissioner of internal affairs
Casper KroonSecretary
Camiel PosthumaCommissioner of Track and Materials
Maartje AaldersTreasurer

10th board (2018-2019)

“Löp wal lös”
Irene KuinCommissioner of internal affairs
Wessel KlumpermanTreasurer
Gelieke SteeghsChairman
Thijs HavingaSecretary
Thomas DommerholtCommissioner of Track and Materials

9th board (2017-2018)

“Hakuna Matartaros”
Corinne van den BrinkCommissioner of internal affairs
Elwin VreeSecretary
Martijn EppinkChairman
Arjen WelleweerdTreasurer
Thiemo de GroofCommissioner of Track and Materials

8th board (2016-2017)

“Perfer et Obdura” (Verdraag en volhard)
Anouck WisselinkCommissioner of internal affairs
Anna KaalSecretary
Kas AtteveltChairman
Marije SiemannTreasurer

7th board (2015-2016)

“Morire alio die” (Die another day)
Cisko Loos
Commissioner of Track and Materials
Bas KeetSecretary
Arnaud LomanChairman (tot 24/10/2015)
Eelkje KooistraTreasurer
Jelle BuitenhuisCommissioner of internal affairs (till 24/10/2015)
Chairman (from 24/10/2015)

6th board (2014-2015)

“Zesdth board, bestth board!”
Diederik van der ValkCommissioner of Track and Materials
Reinier NielenSecretary
Manouk ter SteegeTreasurer
Riemke DrentChairman

5th board (2013-2014)

Jasper van der HeijdtChairman
Marjon BaasSecretary
Manouk ter SteegeTreasurer

4th board (2012-2013)

Jeroen van BeekChairman
Marjon BaasSecretary
Jasper van der HeijdtTreasurer
Sebastian SchillerCommissioner of Track and Materials

3rd board (2011-2012)

Jelle DijkstraChairman
Karel DrenthSecretary
Matthijs TijinkTreasurer
Jan GreuterCommissioner of Track and Materials

2nd board (2010-2011)

Ralph VoortmanChairman
Kjell MeershoekSecretary vanaf februari
Michiel RaaijmakersSecretary tot februari
Jeldrik BakkerTreasurer
Wouter BeeksCommissioner of Track and Materials

1st board (2009-2010)

Berend BekkerChairman
Michiel RaaijmakersSecretary
Jeldrik BakkerTreasurer

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