Welcome to the page about the D.S.S.V. Tartaros board.

(fltr: Sanne, Arwin, Casper, Camiel, Maartje)

Chairman: Sanne van Norel
Hey, I am Sanne van Norel and I am the chairman of the 11th board of D.S.S.V. Tartaros. At the time of writing, I am busy with finishing my pre-master industrial engineering and management to hopefully start my master as quickly as possible at the university. Previously I have completed a bachelor crime science and a bachelor in commercial industrial engineering and management at the Saxion in Enschede. Afterwards, I have worked for another year.

Currently, I have been a member of Tartaros for 2 years. Before I started studying, I have been swimming a lot and started ballroom dancing. I continued with ballroom dancing for 2 years once I started studying. Besides, when I came to Enschede, I started rowing as well.

Initially, I came to Tartaros to train a lot whilst being busy with activism elsewhere. Quite soon, however, I noticed what kind of a comfortable and open ambience hung around the association and I became more active. This started with smaller committees, but at a given moment also the Stichting Tartaros Campus Challenge. The open ambience turned out to not only exist at Tartaros but at the entire community around survivalrun. Thus, I am very happy that I can connect myself with this association and sport for the continuation of my studentship. I also hope to offer this for all current and future members.

Secretary: Casper Kroon
Good morning! I’m Casper Kroon, I’m the secretary of this association. Next to this I’m, at the moment of writing, in my third year of my Bachelor Industrial Design at the UT. Whether you find it a for fun study or the most beautiful study at the UT (couch, couch), I’m enjoying it to the fullest there.

I only do survival run for 2 years now. Before I came to Enschede, I’d never even heard of the sport, but during the openings market of my kick-in, it already caught my attention. At first, however, I was much more focussed on athletics (longs sprints and middle long distances) which I’d done for 8 years already. However, slowly but surely my attention shifted towards survival run. This is also the reason that I’m now known as the traitor at Kronos. This weekend, I hope to earn my right for a KSR license at the 12km in Den Bosch.

Tartaros is a super “gezellig” association in my opinion. During the trainings, you can give your all and push yourself to your limits and then there is plenty of opportunities next to the trainings to blow off steam and act a little crazy. Nobody will look at you weird if you suddenly decide to climb in a tree or a light pole (which is lots of fun, you should try it).

Treasurer: Maartje Aalders
Upcoming year I will take the role of Treasurer of the association. So I would like to introduce myself: I am Maartje Aalders and am currently in my fourth year of my studies. I originally come from Amersfoort, a city in the middle of The Netherlands near Utrecht. I was practically raised in the swimming pool and that used to be my favorite place. I have been doing diving, circus and gymnastics my whole youth.

However, since I went to the university a lot of things have changed like living area, study environment, friends and of course sports. Survival run is a broader sport than only climbing and this is also exactly why I joined, just to try something different. I wanted to do even more once I got to know the association and decided after my first year at Tartaros that I wanted to become active. So here I am, your new board member!

Commissioner of track and materials: Camiel Posthuma
Yo! I am Camiel (aka CaBaMa) and I will be the Commissioner of track and materials during this board year. I am a real local, because I have lived here all my life in Enschede. I participated twice in the Tartaros Campus Challenge and I found it interesting to try this sport. As a first year mechanical engineering student I joined Tartaros because of the dogroup. The feeling of “suffering” all together during the bootcamp, the training at our track and all the other fun outdoor activities really appeals to me.

Here are some other random fun facts about myself. Besides this sport, I have played badminton for 8 years at BC Orion which became a bit more on the back burner. As a hobby I like to build speakers and tinker with everything that can be built, so rearranging the survival track will be a nice variety. Furthermore I produce some House tunes on my laptop in my spare time. By the way, I accept cookie bribes any time of the day.

Commissioner of internal affairs: Arwin Sleutjes
Yo yo, Arwin Sleutjes here. I manage all things concerning (internal) affairs within Tartaros. Besides that, I am the bar commissioner. Here I make sure that everything concerning bar days that we run at the sports centre of the university goes smoothly. Currently I’m finishing my bachelor computer science, after which I want to start with a master. Currently, I do not yet know which one, but I hope to discover this sometime during the upcoming year.

Before I departed to Enschede, I was born in Nijmegen and starting from my second year I spent my life in Arnhem. Here, starting from a young age, I have played soccer after which, around the fourth year of my high school time, I figured I wanted to do something different sometimes. Then, I exchanged soccer for hockey and training at the gym. Besides sports, I have often also been busy with music and I like to play the piano.

After already living in Enschede for 2 years, last year, I took part in the Tartaros Campus Challenge. That went so bad, but pleased me so much that, at that time, I went to check out the association. The ambiance here pleased me well and this led to already almost a year of being a member of the association, doing a big active committee namely the Tartaros Campus Challenge and even doing a boardyear. Besides that, I regularly run a survivalrun and at the moment I am only one point away from my KSR competition license. After the summer I will therefore also quickly obtain my last point and I am planning to climb a step higher within survivalrun. To a great boardyear!

“Let the storm rage on!”

10th Board (2018-2019)

(fltr: Irene, Wessel, Gelieke, Thijs, Thomas)

Name Function
Gelieke Steeghs Chairman
Thijs Havinga Secretary
Wessel Klumperman Treasurer
Thomas Dommerholt Commissioner of Track and Materials
Irene Kuin Commissioner of internal affairs

9th Board (2017-2018)

(fltr: Corinne, Elwin, Martijn, Arjen, Thiemo)

Name Function
Martijn Eppink Chairman
Elwin Vree Secretary
Arjen Welleweerd Treasurer
Thiemo de Groof Commissioner of Track and Materials
Corinne van den Brink Commissioner of internal affairs

8th Board (2016-2017)

(fltr: Anouck, Anna, Kas, Marije)

Name Function
Kas Attevelt Chairman
Anna Kaal Secretary
Marije Siemann Treasurer
Anouck Wisselink Commissioner of internal affairs

7th Board (2015-2016)

(fltr: Cisko, Bas, Arnaud, Eelkje, Jelle)

Name Function
Arnaud Loman Chairman (from 07/05/2015 until 24/10/2015)
Bas Keet Secretary
Eelkje Kooistra Treasurer
Cisko Loos Commissioner of Track and Materials
Jelle Buitenhuis Commissioner of internal affairs (until 24/10/2015)
Jelle Buitenhuis Chairman (starting from 24/10/2015)

6th Board (2014-2015)

IMAG1024 edited
(fltr: Diederik, Reinier, Manouk, Riemke)

Name Function
Riemke Drent Chairman
Reinier Nielen Secretary
Manouk ter Steege Treasurer
Diederik van der Valk Commissioner of Track and Materials

5th Board (2013-2014)

Name Function
Jasper van der Heijdt Chairman
Marjon Baas Secretary
Manouk ter Steege Treasurer

4th Board (2012-2013)

Name Function
Jeroen van Beek Chairman
Marjon Baas Secretary
Jasper van der Heijdt Treasurer
Sebastian Schiller Commissioner of Track and Materials

3rd Board (2011-2012)

3e bestuur

Name Function
Jelle Dijkstra Chairman
Karel Drenth Secretary
Matthijs Tijink Treasurer
Jan Greuter Commissioner of Track and Materials

2nd Board (2010-2011)

Name Function
Ralph Voortman Chairman
Kjell Meershoek Secretary starting from February
Michiel Raaijmakers Secretary until February
Jeldrik Bakker Treasurer
Wouter Beeks Baan- en materiaalcommissaris

1st Board (2009-2010)

Name Function
Berend Bekker Chairman
Michiel Raaijmakers Secretary
Jeldrik Bakker Treasurer