What is survivalrun?

The survivalrun
Survivalrunning is a versatile form of endurance sports that deals with a running parcours between 5 and 20 kilometers. The largest part of the parcours is through a natural environment like meadows, forests and along stream. Throughout the parcours there are several obstacles which need to be done, these obstacles can vary from 25 to 60 in total (depending on the length of the race). These obstacles can be natural like ditches or are build specially for the race like vertical or horizontal nets, ropes and many more things. Survivalrunning is a growing sport. It does not only require strength, but also agility and technique to fulfil a complete survivalrunparcours.

Can I do this as well?
This has a very clear answer: You can! As long as you have the will to challenge yourself. Starting a survivalrun race untrained will definitely give you a confrontation with yourself. A survivalrun race is actually difficult. Besides the obstacles that you must overcome, you are in a constant “battle against the elements of nature”. The state of the terrain (smooth, bumpy, dry, wet, frozen) plays an important role. Furthermore the weathercircumstances are of importantance. Good clothing, endurance and preparation help you overcome these elements. By training and learning the right techniques you can get prepared optimally for survivalrun races.

Maybe you do not directly want to run (individual) survivalrun races, but are interested in performing this fun sport together with your fellowstudents, no problemo 😉 We love having you in either case, more souls, more conviviality. A person often can perform more than he/she thinks. You’ll discover strengths of yourself you thought you didn’t have 😉

Clothing needs to be adjusted to the weathercircumstances of the moment. Clothing yourself too warm as well as too cold can be disadvantageous. Depending on the outside temperature you will at least need a T-shirt, preferably an old one because it can become dirty. It is often advised to put on a thermal shirt underneath since (during a run) you will often encounter water, but also a sunless forest or a widespread windy meadow or field. Furthermore a running tight is worn that allows freedom of movement, as well in the water as in the forest, since it won’t get stuck behind branches or parts of the obstacles. Running tights also have the advantage of absorbing a lot less water than a set of normal joggingpants, also enabling a better temperature regulation of the muscles, since the tight dries faster and provides (some) isolation.

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