Survivalrun Union Netherlands

Tartaros has been a member of the Survivalrun Union Netherlands (SBN) since April 2015.

This Union helps by overseeing the organization of survivalrun races, acting as a contact point for associations and approving the track and the obstacles, ensuring the safety.

It is obligatory for all members of a survivalrun association to become a member of this Union. This costs €22,- per year. With this membership you get additional medical insurance (during training and survivalruns that are checked by the Union), you get a discount on the runs, and you support the Union to make survivalrun even bigger.

For those that have competed in some or many survivalruns, there is the option to sign up for a competition license. These licenses cost €15,- per year and can be officially applied for during the entire season. This gives you the right to participate in the competitive categories of the SBN. The advantage you get from participating in a license run is that you will participate in the national rankings. You will start at the start of the day when the obstacles are still clean and the chances of queues are smaller.

There are a couple of rules for applying for the licenses: subscription is only allowed after earning 6 qualification points in the last 2 seasons. These points can be earned by completing certain runs while maintaining your wristband: recreational KSR will give you 1 point, recreational MSR 2 points, and recreational LSR 3 points. These points are doubled if you finish in the top 5 for men or top 3 for women in that run.

Competition categories:

  • Short Survivalrun (KSR): 18+, distance is between 6-9 km
  • Middle Survivalrun (MSR): 18+, distance is between 9-15 km
  • Long Survivalrun (LSR): 18+, distance is between 15-25 km

Keep in mind: These licenses run from 1 September till the 31st of August and are automatically renewed every year. If you want to make changes to your license, you must do this yourself on the website of the SBN in My SBN-Profiel.

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