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If you think survivalrun might be something for you, you can join the training throughout the whole year 3 times to see if you like the sport. This is possible every Thursday (some holidays excluded) at 19:30. Because the coronavirus is still going around, please send us an email first. In September and February, there are specific open training sessions where extra attention is paid to (potential) new members and the basic techniques.

After these 3 free introduction trainings it is obligatory to become a member of D.S.S.V. Tartaros to keep training, but this also gives you the option to come to all the other fun activities organized by the association. To become a member you need to fill in a membership from. You can download one right over here: Yearly Membership

Of course, it’s not always possible to train here for a full year. If you’d rather be a member for half a year, since you won’t be in Enschede for longer, you’ll need a half-year membership form. You can find this one here: Half-Year Membership Statement.

Keep in mind that UT students need to have a UnionCard and Saxion students a CampusCard. Also, you need to register in the DMS system of the sports center at Tartaros and have the association fee! **

Next to that, it is obligatory to become an SBN member. This registration can be arranged via Tartaros.

** Explanation signup DMS system

UT students and employees will have an account to log in on the DMS website and will need a UnionCard. Non-UT students will need a CampusCard and can arrange this, together with all other steps, at the service desk at the sports center.

Log in on the DMS page and go to “Whats on offer” and select the right Union card. Go to the shopping cart and pay. After this, you can find the association fee in “Whats on offer” again.

For the association fee go at the tab “Profile” to “Organisations”. Pick the association D.S.S.V. Tartaros and save. Now you must wait until the secretary has accepted the request. Once you have been accepted, you will receive an email with a link to finish your subscription. This link will directly go to the right page where you can pay. If this doesn’t work, you can also go there manually through the following steps: Go to “What’s on offer” and change site from “Campus Utwente” to “DSSV Tartaros” (or other sports associations you need to confirm). The association fee is now available as an option below.


In total, the costs of becoming a member of Tartaros consists of 4 elements: the contribution from Tartaros, a UnionCard or CampusCard, association fee, and an SBN membership.

The contribution is set every year at the GMM. In 2019-2020, the Tartaros contribution is:

  • €35,- for a year
  • €20,- for half a year

The current prices of the UnionCard, CampusCard and association fees along with additional information about them can be found on the website of the Student Union. The prices for a year are as follows:

  • UnionCard: €60,- (until 15 Oktober €50,-) and association fee of €28,50
  • CampusCard: €100,- and association fee of €60,-

SBN membership:

  • €20,- for a year

In total a yearly membership, including UnionCard/CampusCard, association fee, contribution and basic SBN membership are as follows:

  • UT student: €60 + €28,50 + €35 + €20 = €143,50
  • Non-UT student: €100 + €60 + €35 + €20 = €215,-