Do you like to challenge yourself?

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What is survivalrun?

Survivalrun is a combination of running on unpaved roads and conquering many climbing obstacles, present on the track. A versatile sport where strength, endurance, technique and coordination are key!

The association

Being founded the 21st of October in 2009, Tartaros is a young student survivalrun association. At Tartaros we strive towards giving every interested student access to this amazing sport at all different levels, from recreational till licenced runners, everybody can find their place! Besides training also plenty of fun time is possible, such as a nice BBQ, bonfires, other (sportive) activities and the unforgettable Tartaros weekend!


In September there will be special introductory training sessions, where the basics techniques of survivalrun will be taught and demonstrated. Ideal to experience whether the sport and association suit you!

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